Is the Earth really a globe, and why isn't Mary fat? :)

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Re: Is the Earth really a globe, and why isn't Mary fat? :)

Post by ChadMontreal » Thu Nov 19, 2015 7:02 pm

When you interact with the group of people attracted by AJ & Mary's work, you will notice very quickly that there is a large degree of interest and knowledge about Internet conspiracy theories: Flat Earth - Chem Trails - 9/11 consipiracy - Planet Nibaru, etc. In fact the only group of people I've ever met who are more into this stuff are stoners. :D

We like to think that there is an attribute of souls that is seeking truth, but I tend to suspect it's more of an addiction. Perhaps seeking fantasy for stimulaion and hope that an unknown game changing reality exists to rescue us from our unsatisfying lives.

On the plus side, this openness allowed us to stick around and listen to a man claiming to be Jesus. My personal policy is to not talk about conspiracy theories on public forums because I think it's distracting to newcomers to Divine Truth. People are trying to get their head around listening to AJ and I think it makes it harder when the people around it also seem believe everything they hear.

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