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Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 10:53 pm
by Allegedly Dom
I've heard Jesus speak on staying hydrated with like 3-5 litres of water a day or so. But I was wondering if someone could touch on the subject of Breatharianism. There are numerous teachers and classes you can pay for that walk you through various methods ranging from 8-21 day processes. I feel it resonates with me as our potential and possibly our natural state but would rather do this on my own once I have a stronger connection with God. I've been practicing myself with the occasional 24-48 hour fasts and such after having been a raw vegan for almost two years now, I find myself already automatically requiring less and less nourishment from the diet change alone. There are some who have gone almost 60 years or more living the breatharian lifestyle, yet they still age, which I find a bit strange. I suppose one could simply stop eating and drinking with faith and cosmic energies alone but still suppress unhealed emotions and follow aging beliefs? I think this topic deserves to be put in the spotlight for discussion. Thanks! :)

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Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2016 4:16 pm
by Maxine
Hi Dom,

I find it interesting in all of us how focused we can get on issues of what we need to eat and drink. I speak from personal experience as I have had many issues with food in various addictive forms over the years. I still have not healed all of the emotions around food, but what I have tried to stop doing is judge or get too particular on food, because I have realised that the real power is in building a relationship with God and dealing with our facade and addictions. My food addiction is in fact one of the easiest addictions for me to identify because it is physical, but I have too often ignored the many emotional addictions I have. ( which of course also create physical addictions)

Jesus and Mary have said this many times in different videos that once we start to really progress in love we will automatically know what is the right water to drink, the right food to eat, how to grow our food in the best way, or if you chose to not eat then it would come from a pure desire. Many spirits, for instance, don't need to eat, but they do just for the enjoyment.

However, I have met a some people who were Breatharians, and yes it is possible, but I feel it is really important to examine our emotions around why we would want to not eat and there can be many.

For me, in the past, I have used fasting/ starving myself to have control over my environment in order to avoid my fears about everything not being safe, out of control, even dangerous. ( There was a lot of violence in my childhood). I have overeaten to suppress emotions too, of course.

When I was involved in new age spirituality I met many people who claimed to be fasting or vegan or had a number of food sensitivities or were feeling they needed to take this supplement, that supplement and regulary someone came up with some new super super food. Sometimes it even felt competitive and emotions of superiority were in play. But what I generally felt was just many food addictions/false beliefs in one form or another.Every addiction is unloving in one way or another and it is helping us avoid deeper issues, other emotions like fear or grief.

So what I getting round to saying is I would pray and try to look at the real reasons you have an interest in this? Is it just easier to focus on this rather than deal with the bigger issues : our relationship with God, learning about Love, and in that process having to examine more closely our soul condition and emotions? It may just be that you have a real interest in health, but what I have feel is that we are still so full of error that there is little in us that is from a pure desire - yet.

I hope that helps in some way.


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Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2016 8:22 pm
by Allegedly Dom
Thank you so much for your feedback! Yeah, I think you're partially right about me making it out to a bigger deal than it really is to avoid emotions. On the other hand I was thinking if I could stop eating it will reveal my emotions making them easier for me to see and deal with. Not only that, it would help me spread the word about God and hopefully encourage others to stop eating meat as well because it will blow the lid off their beliefs as why they feel they need to eat what they eat. I've noticed 75% of the times I'm eating I'm not REALLY hungry and I'm over eating! It's usually family gatherings, or part of my habitual programming to do so. I also just eat whatever I want whenever I want so I know there is no nutritional reasoning behind the choices I make. For example I will eat raw cacao/carob powder with coconut oil, maple syrup, and walnuts with a pinch of pink salt like 6 days in a row once a day or half a cantelope blended daily for 5 days in a row. Just switching to raw vegan made me realize the belief of a balanced S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) with x amount of protein, carbs, etc. is complete BS. I've felt the potential and am desiring this more and more. Not only that I'm tired of relying on others to provide food and having to use gas to drive to the store to buy things that could be incorrectly labeled as non GMO or organic. So I need to either get my Hydroponics system finished and grow my own food or go Breatharian lol.

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Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2016 9:12 pm
by Lena
Hi Don,

From what you said it feels to me that maybe you are assigning eating food to aging. Especially in your initial post. And therefore it feels like that you maybe thinking that eating is the most unloving thing there is we do to ourselves and/or to others. So I would like to share some thought on this.

My feelings, after hearing and understanding the basic principles about Gods laws and about our souls, that it is our emotional choices which effect how old we grow and why we die, not so much the food.

That food is not as important as we assign it to be. Yes vegan and yes as pure as we can get it, mind you, Jesus often laughs saying that he would much rather buy normal food from any supermarket than go into organic store, where he is subjected to all kinds of projections from people who work their or shop, often feeling super arrogant and projecting very unloving emotions onto others. As you can see from even this example that what ever toxins we get from food, if we had a great condition of love in our soul, we would probably have no issue releasing toxins as body can do that very easily, but once emotions enter our soul, that is more detrimental to our "health".

Just to give you an example here of an important check list what effects our soul condition as thought by Jesus and Mary:

1. How I treat others - is the first factor and the one which effects our soul most

2. How we treat ourself (whole soul) - is the second most important factor, involving the most loving things like allowing our souls to express themselves = feeling our emotions, among other things, reposnability, will choices etc..

3. How others treat us - is the third, as Jesus points out this is often one of the first thing comes to our mind, but actually is not the most important from God's perspective when it comes to effects on our own soul condition.

4. How others treat others - is the last, as this involves other people's will choices however if I act or not act in certain way while observing that treatment that will effect my soul.

I feel like this is the most important list to remember. And right away you can see how it takes away our attention from small things like what food we eat, i.e. cooked or uncooked.
While I agree that potentially we may only eat for enjoyment, I feel this will only happen when we are actually at one with God, as by then we would no longer be self reliant - needing food to survive, but will become fully God reliant, therefor reliying on God for the food for the soul and guidance, and a whole lot more, which I do not understand yet.

My personal understanding, which grew from many engagements with Divine Truth material, discussions with Jesus and Mary and my partner, Igor, who btw was also investigating this subject for many years, is that we currently are unable to live on air (breatherian) or sun energy (aka sun gazing), due to the state of our soul.
And that this only happens can happen, as seen some people do, due to spirit(s) overcloaking and feeding their energy to the person on earth in order to keep them alive.

They do it for many reasons, which meet their own addictions of power, superiority, feeling special, recieving attention (which is energy), arrogance about being progressed (when in reality their soul condition is often the same as any other person on Earth, with the only difference that their had an opening - through their desire, to have this spirit help and became obercloaked full time). This also I feel includes people who stand on one finger or similar at an age of 70, who do look frail and old but have super powers.

Anyways I hope this may strike your interest in the direction to investigate this subject more thoroughly, the soul condition and why we want to be already special, already powerful, already God reliant while having all of the opposite emotions still in us, which makes it impossible.

In your second post, it's seems that you wish to impress people with what is possible with God, but the things which you want to achieve are actually done with the help of spirits not God.
I think once you purify your desire, it will become more clear to you how you can effect others by being in a higher condition of love yourself. Without any tricks or special wowsies, but by being loving, engaging people in their desire and teaching them to work their way through real problems and real blocks they have to reaching out to God.

Anyways, one talk comes to mind, if you are interested is: Love in action - sincerity and hypocrisy, if you want to check it out.


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Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2016 9:59 pm
by Teresa French
thank you for the checklist Lena. I am printing that one out.

Hello Dom, and welcome to the forum :)

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Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2016 10:00 pm
by Marina Smargiannakis
Lena, thank you for this helpful info.

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Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2016 6:14 am
by Allegedly Dom
WOW thank you so much for that informative reply Lena, that makes so much sense. I wasn't directly correlating food to aging as I did comment something like "I suppose they could be living food free yet still avoiding emotional issues which is actually causing the aging" - obviously if they aren't eating it's something emotional. But yeah, I totally agree with you. You're also correct about me trying to impress others with the powers of God, which is unloving; I need to be more humble and just live his ways as the example to inspire rather than preach I guess. I just desperately want to help my parents and immediate family wake up to God because I realize how much work we all have to do and they're killing themselves which pains me but it is their free will... :( Just talking about God to them always results in rebellion or rejection of some sort and it's become the only subject I care to even talk about anymore lol. I have been praying for God to help them be more loving in whatever ways he can. Oddly enough, I see them getting annoyed by recent things they hear on the news about the degradation of safety and labeling requirements towards meat being sold in the U.S. being passed by the government which hopefully makes them mad enough to just not trust them and go Vegan to avoid the headache entirely! That's a great list you provided too and one I will be sure to remember. Also I will definitely check out that 'Love in Action' video!

And thank you Teresa for the warm welcome! Namaste Sisters!

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Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2016 10:41 am
by Eva
Thanks Dom and Lena for an interesting discussion!

Lena - your priority list is great, it helped me see some unloving actions I took yesterday towards others.

When pondering about breathing and the possibility to live by air only, something came to my mind. I have several times heard Jesus and Mary talk about humans having tear ducks, that God gave them to us for a reason - that both men and women should use them and cry as a way to release grief from their soul. Another one is the sexual organs we've all got, that God gave them to us for a reason - to develop amazing, loving and sexual relationships with our soulmate, for our ever-growing joy and happiness.

So it feels logical to me that God has given us mouth, tongue and nose with all its abilities to perceive delicious tastes and aromas - for a reason. Which would be to enjoy the pleasures of eating wonderful, lovely, spicy food in a loving way. In the Padgett Messages their are some messages about eating habits in the spirit world, and I think the persons telling about them are rather developed in their soul condition. They enjoy fruits, nuts and pure fresh water!

I have myself quite some eating disorders, having gone from eating everything that was served in the family where I grew up and at that time I "liked" everything I ate - as that was a way to gain approval around the table. Then in my mid teens I followed my mums example and began dieting using the weight watcher program, in order to be prettier and more popular among classmates, primarily the boys. It didn't work, I got very thin, but not more popular - and these days I am beginning to understand why ;) . All in all it led into anorexia and bulimia - and now at 58 I still crave for food to comfort myself. But now I am a whole-hearted vegan eater and try to feel through the emotions that pull me towards food, which is still very difficult since food is there every day, and I can feel that my physical body needs it. It is easier to let go of addictions you can stop once and for all, but to me food is not like that.

This could be the reason behind the breathing movement, that just to stop eating would be a way to gain control over a situation without having to feel the underlying emotions. A way to use willpower to overcome the soul's will to eat. And as long as the eating is out of harmony with God's love there will be increasing pain coming out of it, like the persons still aging and dying in the long run.

Anyway I am looking forward to the time in my life where I enjoy food with all of my soul,spirit and body - but don't crave for it addictively anymore! :)

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Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2016 2:03 pm
by Eva
I wanted to complete my post, and add a link to the Padgett Message that I was referring to about eating in the spirit world.
In the books it is found in volume two, page 367 and it is called "Progresses to the First Celestial Sphere", written by Mary Kennedy/Helen Padgett, 8th October 1915, message no 342.
Here is a link to the message on the Divine Truth website: ... 51008D.htm