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Re: Astrology

Post by Felicitas » Sun Dec 13, 2015 6:30 pm

This thread on astrology has helped me a lot as I was at a cross road, just embarking to get involved in a two year course on astrology, which I decided to let go of now. I realized that I intended to use the system of astrology as a crutch to help me figure things out intellectually instead of focusing on developing my relationship with God and applying all the great teachings of Divine Truth. So thank you again for starting the thread Benjamin.

I also want to thank Niki for clarifying things to you Benjamin reg. my statement on the planets.
I would have felt triggered by your comment to me and my innitial reaction would have been to withdraw.

Even so Niki and you seemed to have worked it out it did trigger me and my initial response was to withdraw as I felt repelled and confused. I am still trying to figure out my law of attraction and what it meant for me esp. as I have been attracting some men in the past month who have been argumentative and belittling about things, esp. Reg. my believes in divine truth.
I have the feeling, as I am becoming more aware of my addiction with the opposite sex and as I am getting more firm in not engaging some of them any longer I am under more spirit attack from male or even female spirits. They seem to test me to see if I am really firm about not engaging my addictions any longer and as they see that they are loosing the hold of me the attacks get ramped up, for example random man on the street pumping violently into me as they pass.
But I am also aware of some violent believes about men that I have still within me, mainly taken on from my mother, however I do not feel consciously superior to men, instead I rather have the feeling that I feel inferior to men, or to certain men...well it seems all so complex and I hope that I have more clarity on this issue soon.

Thank you

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Re: Astrology

Post by Lena » Mon Dec 14, 2015 5:40 am

Hi, I would also like to comment to LauraR about some of the attraction that has occurred here for her, which she may have missed:
LauraR wrote: I do believe that the questions you had regarding astrology were very good. Your intellect was involved and that is important - it is a starting point. Once you start getting the intellectual questions, keep asking questions and go deeper into the feelings. I know at first our feelings can be deceptive but once you experiment a bit you will be able to know the difference between truth and error.
Nice to meet you,
Hi Laura,

I have deleted my previous post, as I really do not feel I am in the clear enough place to offer any suggestions to you about your post to Benjamin, at this time.

All I can feel clearly is what you said to Benjamin and with what intention in mind felt off.

As you were the first one to respond to him without much of information about astrology itself, which was in question, but telling him to feel about his questions. I agree we all should feel and seek answers from God. But somehow I felt it came out odd or a little harsh and even facade like. I don't think you meant to harm Benjamin with your comment though.



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