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Re: Women related bodily functions/spirit world

Post by Susette » Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:13 am

weiwei wrote:Jesus said we don't need to cook in the spirit world.
I wonder...
1. Does spirit body need to eat ?

No we don't need to eat to live but we eat for the joy of eating. And according to AJ babies still nurse in heaven.
what kind of food it needs ?
The spirit body doesn't need food but eats for pleasure and you can eat anything you want to eat.
2. Do women have period after death ?

No because having a period has to do with death and since there is no sin in heaven then there would be no periods plus people do not have sex in heaven and they don't have babies.
3. If the soul condition is very good, will a woman still go through the process of menopause ?
No since there are no periods in heaven then there is no menopause. Sin brought death so Eve probably did not have periods. A woman can ovulate without having a period in a perfect condition and it isn't the period that makes her fertile in the first place it is ovulation that makes her fertile. Adam and Eve were probably so one with each other that when they had sex or wanted a baby Eve would conceive. One of God's commandments was to be fruitful and multiply . So Adam and Eve wasn't worried about birth control. They wanted to make lots of babies.

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