3 random questions

Any Divine Truth related question relating to the teachings of Jesus & Mary
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3 random questions

Post by Junester » Fri Sep 11, 2015 2:27 am

Hi to everyone.

1. Has anyone else had the experience of exhaling from the lungs a small puff of dark grey smoke simultaneously with the release of a causal childhood memory and just before the inflowing of the divine love? Might this be the material they used to call ektoplasm?

2. Has anyone else had a high frequency meditation where they came back from a state of oneness and bliss, but re entering the body felt like literal waterboarding? It was as if earth's atmosphere was a foreign liquid to me initially and it took 20 minutes to recover from the nausea. This one still baffles me.

3. I know the book A Course in Miracles wasn't channeled by Jesus and it is incorrect about reincarnation - but it is so beautifully written - is there anything of value that makes it useable for us Wayers?

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