inhabitants of the universe

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Re: inhabitants of the universe

Post by Alkhemst » Tue Sep 15, 2015 11:59 am

Courtney wrote: Just going off my own interpretation it seems Myhanene is saying most of the stars that we see in the sky are actually the stem of physical matter that creates the substances needed to base the spirit worlds from?
I never quite knew what Jesus meant by interstellar boundaries of love, describing divisions between spheres. But the subtler substance that comes from stars seems to be connected. Interstellar boundaries or boundaries among stars, could have something to do with scope of travel in the universe, where the spiritual and physical somehow overlay each other, and the better condition of love allows further room to move so-to-speak. Which means if these other earth-like planets are part of the physical universe, as ours is, the area between them is so great that those even with the highest conditions of love can't fully traverse. And maybe if that's true, means the expanse of the universe is beyond phenomenal and of course rules out the idea of nasty aliens building weaponised spaceships coming to destroy earth!

But really the sheer awe of our creator who is outside this unfathomable universe is honestly beyond my comprehension. And that this guy actually takes a personal interest in little old me... not just that but loves me... It's far far beyond amazing a gift.

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Re: inhabitants of the universe

Post by Susette » Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:17 am

Ivo wrote:Thanks Matty,

From what you and Kate are saying it seems that those other earths are almost like a "copy" of our Earth in a way? with even a "copy"/similar make-up of yourself..

When I was a young girl I dreamed that there was a twin planet like the Earth and my twin family as well as other people's twin families lived on that earth.

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Re: inhabitants of the universe

Post by Ivo » Fri Jan 08, 2016 11:53 am

I just wanted to post a link to this Q&A video, where Jesus talks about other earths of the universe, if anyone is interested in this subject.
starting from 1:57:00

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