Question Time

Any Divine Truth related question relating to the teachings of Jesus & Mary
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Question Time

Post by Nicky » Tue Aug 04, 2015 8:24 pm

You may have a question you'd really love to ask Jesus & Mary that you do not believe has been covered as of yet in any material that has been currently published. If you do, feel free to create a topic here to promote discussion within the community. If your question has already been answered and you have not yet come across the video, I'm sure a fellow forum member will be able to provide a link to the specific DT video where your question had indeed already been answered.

As Jesus & Mary are members of the forum, I am sure if they have time to answer any of your questions and they feel it would be beneficial to do so, they may probably do so.

Furthermore, I am investigating a potential technology/internet based medium where this can be done in a pretty cool way so watch this space!

Fire away guys!


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