Miracles vs Magick

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Miracles vs Magick

Post by Pam » Sat Aug 29, 2015 3:16 am

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between miracles and magick? In the story of Moses and the king Egypt, Moses displayed God's power vs the wizards of Egypt's power. Moses powers came from God but the wizards powers came from the dark forces. Both Moses and the wizards could do about the same things with their powers but when Moses rod turned to a snake, his snake ate up the wizards snakes that turned from a rod to a snake which meant that God's power was greater?
Have you ever wondered why God forbids the practice of magick? Could it be because someone without the love of God could do great harm with magical powers? But one with love would do good works with magical powers. Like Jesus healed the sick with God's powers vs a witch putting a curse of sickness on someone.
I know that God creates everything so Magick has to be a creation of God yet He forbids the practice of magick. Why is that? Is it because men without the love of God could do great harm using it?

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