Where we have gender in the after life?

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Where we have gender in the after life?

Post by Pam » Sat Aug 29, 2015 2:17 am

From what I read from after life stories it seems people don't loss their gender when they die and even when you hear ghost stories the ghosts are the gender that they were when they died. Is it our earth bodies that makes us a gender? And when we shade them do we loose our gender?

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Re: Where we have gender in the after life?

Post by Anneli » Sun Aug 30, 2015 8:38 am

Hi Pam,

From what I've learned, we always have and keep the gender we are born with, or rather the gender our half of the soul got when it split in two halves around the time for conception (or some time before conception, as it would be for the second soul half waiting for its moment to incarnate).

May I add that a lot of your general questions have been answered very, very well by Yeshua and Miriam in numerous videos of seminars that they have held throughout the years. Before watching almost all of them, I had a lot of questions that were still unanswered for me, but taking the time to carefully listening to all this material has given me so many answers. And of course, perhaps you won't feel that their answers are true, but it seems as you are still seeking to find some answers, although I'm not really sure if you seek the actual, absolute truth about things, or rather something that feels good to believe in?

I've found that sometimes the truth needs us to put aside what we "need it to be so we will keep feeling good about life and/or ourselves", and when I read about how you felt about your soulmate/current relationship, it seemed as if you felt that this man being your soulmate would have to do with him making you feel good. What are your feelings about this perhaps being the case for you? Do you feel that it is a bit difficult to discern what is true or not in life, and that you avoid some possible truths to stay on the safe track where you feel good, and consequently use that as a compass for what must be true? If that is the case, then it might be because there is some fear and grief in you about these matters that you haven't been wanting to address yet. (And yep, I'm aware that this probably reflects my own condition about "discerning truth" as well!) :)

I'm getting the feeling from you that you are emotionally more like a 5 year old girl, looking for comfort and trying your best to discern what is true and not, of what others around you are saying to you. Perhaps you were mislead by someone close to you (just like kids often are lead to believe in Santa Claus for example, only to learn at some point that they were lied to all that time for different reasons, all of them obviously deemed to be more important than presenting them with the actual truth about things)? And, of course I might just be mistaking, but that is what I feel about/from you, and I'm very open to learn that I've got something to understand about love, in case what I just did here was unloving in some way. I do pay a lot of attention to "vibes", or rather emotions from both myself and others, but I still don't trust what I feel about others all the time, and I certainly don't know always when it is loving or not to mention what I feel.

Well, about seeking truth; now I feel that it's more a matter of me implementing the Way to all the love and truth that made it possible for Miriam and Yeshua to know all this truth and to share and live it with so much love, so that I will know it all in my own soul too, rather than needing to seek all those answers from others who have gone way before me (without whom I'd still be searching and looking for all of these truths!) :)

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