Is God both a mother and father

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Is God both a mother and father

Post by Pam » Sat Aug 29, 2015 2:16 am

I have heard AJ referred to God as a she. I know in the Christian faith God is always referred to as a He and always referred to as Father. Though my devotion time God has told me that S/He is both mother and father complete in Her or He parent hood. But I also am very careful at who I share this with because some dogmatic male Christians have really persecuted me for saying that God can be both mother and father. It make since that God is both mother and father. To say that God can't be a mother is putting a limitation on God and God has no limitations.

So does God mind if I call Him or Her mother? I always pray to God as daddy and I never used to be able to do this until God showed me that He is like a nursing mother who would never hurt me. Then I was able to come to Him and call Him Daddy instead of Father.

I once read a book by Sylvia Brown "Mother God" in Sylvia Brown's book she mentioned if you pray to God as mother she will send you flowers or flowers in an email. So I tried this out of curiosity to see if God would send me flowers. I prayed to Him as mother. A few days later an email came to my email box with pictures of beautiful flowers. A flower for each occasion in life. There was a flower for peace, a flower for joy etc this was right before I was going to get surgery. And something that God would be with me. This really brought me peace and comfort.

What is every one's thoughts on God being a mother? I feel that God has shown me that He or She isn't really a gender but that He or She can be both a mother and father to us.

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