Reincarnation and prebirth

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Reincarnation and prebirth

Post by Pam » Sat Aug 29, 2015 12:44 am

I have heard in near death that there is pre-birth where we all used to live in heaven and we agreed to come here to live on earth to learn how to love. They say that earth is the best school in learning how to love others.

What was I thinking when I said I would come here? They say that you choose your parents. What was I thinking when I choose my parents? If I would have choose anything for myself, I would have been born to Godly parents who knew how to love each other and me and I wouldn't have minded being a princess. I grew up in a middle class family which wasn't bad but when there is fighting between your parents and siblings material things really doesn't mean anything. I don't remember being in heaven. I know they say because our baby brains are not developed enough to remember anything about our pre-birth life in heaven.

Reincarnation: I don't remember any pasted lives but when I do go back to heaven I am not coming back to this world. I just want to stay in heaven. I did once have a dream where i was married to a king. I was not a princess. I lived in the castle with him and had my own apartment and a son to him. He married a second wife, she was a princess and he made her queen. I was so hurt by this because I thought being the first wife and having his son he would want to make me queen. I really could feel the emotions of this person in the dream as if I was her.

I can't remember what my name could have been or what the king's name might have been. I looked a little like Kate Middleton. This dream came to me before I knew anything about Kate Middleton. I guess I would have been a duchess in my dream since I married into the royal family.

One day I jokely said "I could have been a witch in a pasted life and was burned at the stake. That is probably why I am a Christian in this life." One day I played a game "Who were you in a pasted life?" It said I was a witch and I was burned at a stake. I have no memories of this. But it is kind of weird that I said what I said to myself and then this game said this to me.

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