Ghost children

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Ghost children

Post by Pam » Thu Aug 27, 2015 5:57 am

Do all children go to heaven when they die? I hear lots of stories of ghost children. Can a child be stick here as a ghost? And do all babies and toddlers go to heaven when they die or can they be stick here?

I watched some paranormal shows where ghost children end up being demons pretending to be children?

I live near Gettysburg Pennyslvania and there is an orphanage there that has a lot of haunted history. The lady that ran the orphanage killed a lot of children there and they say that you can feel the sadness of the children when you visit the orphanage. Do you think these spirits are the children stick there? And what can I do to help them go to the light? I thought of visiting the orphanage and praying for the children and telling them that there is a better place for them to go. Would it be ok to bring a ball and a flash light for the children to play with? I seen on paranormal shows that paranormal investigators do this and they get interaction with ghost children. The ghost children will actual roll a ball back or turn on and off a flash light when asked to do it or when answering yes and no questions.

Here is a video of the orphanage and the story about the orphanage.

I would love to help Jenny Wade cross over as well.

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