Now Is Your Chance

A place for any spirit to communicate with the community
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Now Is Your Chance

Post by Nicky » Thu Aug 06, 2015 11:48 am

For those of you who are mediumistic, here is a place where you can create topics that spirits would wish to discuss with the community. These guys are still our brothers and sisters and it would be nice to extend an opportunity for them to communicate with us all.

It must be understood that spirits are subject to the exact same terms of use as we are here, so if you are finding that the spirit wishing to communicate with us is disregarding these rules then you are completely within your rights to deny them of the opportunity to write.

If you are finding that the spirit is being unloving in any way, it is a loving choice on your part to make them aware of this and tell them it is not possible for them to write at this time.

If any of the terms of use are breached, I will swiftly lock and potentially delete the topic depending on the conditions surrounding it in order to preserve the condition of love within these forums.


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