Experiments, Judgement and Life

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Experiments, Judgement and Life

Post by LindaM » Wed Oct 21, 2015 9:21 am

Every now and then I find myself open enough to receive a message from spirit. It doesn't happen very often as yet - mostly because I am not humble enough and I still have a LOT of doubt around these messages.

I recently posted on my blog a message I received a while back from a 16th century spirit called Steven. I titled this channeling Experiments, Judgement and Life. As always with these messages its content was extremely relevant to me at this point in my journey and still holds much for me to continue to reflect upon. I hope that you too may benefit from this message.

Please remember that I am a work in progress. I am not perfect and still have a LOT to learn. There may well be errors within this message and other posts on my blog because of my imperfection. Take what you want, what you feel resonates with you and leave the rest. If any of you who are much clearer and stronger mediums would like to offer any comments on this message I would be very grateful as your comments will help me to grow in this area.

The message begins with -
All of life is an experiment and not all experiments go to plan or achieve the expected or desired results. This does not mean failure. It simply means that we need to try something else. Add or subtract something to / from the mix. Change the order. It does not really matter.

What matters is that you keep trying. Keep experimenting. What one person sees as failure another may see as a triumph. It is all a matter of perspective........

You can find the message in full here www.lindamunster.blogspot.com.au

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