Be diligent

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Be diligent

Post by Pam » Sun Aug 30, 2015 7:17 am

words from the Lord to MARY CLARK for the body of Christ.
Marianna, Florida

Be diligent, My beloved. Seek the face of your God. Never give up. Never surrender your heart to another. I have seen your lassitude. I have heard your cries for more of Me, more of My power. I see and I hear, but I want you to know, dear child, that this is the hour for you to rest in the knowledge that the One Who gave all for you is working diligently in your heart to bring about His desired will. So I want you to be diligent as you wait for Me to finish, as you wait for Me to perform the most amazing feat known to man, a heart change that will last for all eternity, a heart change that will enable you to soar in the heavens with your God. I am working diligently to bring about My will in your life. I want you to be diligent about waiting patiently for Me to complete My work. Trust Me, dear heart. Trust Me and My ability to bring about the changes that will benefit My kingdom and help you realize with a certainty that the Almighty can and will do a work that will not only change one heart, but change the whole world!!!

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