The never ending cup

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The never ending cup

Post by Pam » Sat Aug 29, 2015 2:44 am

The Never Ending Cup

by Bonita Chapman allowed to share with permission.

Are you thirsty for Me? Are you really, truly thirsty? I am looking for those who are so thirsty for Me and for My presence that nothing else and no one else will do. I am not looking for those who are just a little thirsty, but for those who feel that they will surely perish without all of Me. Do you fit that bill? Is that a description of you? If it is, then I have an offer you cannot refuse, and it is simply this: Drink deeply, My child, drink deeply of Me, your loving and eternal Father. I have a never-ending cup JUST FOR YOU, filled evermore with My Spirit and My presence. This cup will never empty in truth it will never even go down one drop, no matter how deeply you drink. My supply is limitless, and I am not the least bit stingy. My economy is the same as that which I have set up for you-the more I give, the more I receive. The more I fill your thirst, the more water of My Spirit there IS to give! You will not be able to diminish My supply, nor will you ever have to concern yourself that you should leave some for someone else. I have more than enough to go around to all who desire to drink from me. You must realize this: you must desire Me above all to drink fully of Me. You must give your heart fully and with complete obedience to drink deeply of Me. You must let go of everything else to receive the fullness of My cup. When you do this, you will find your thirst satisfied- but only for a moment. Then your heart will desire more again, and it will be there waiting for you. I want you to be immersed in this cup of My presence; I want you to be over come by My presence. As you drink of this never- ending cup of My Spirit and presence, I will demand of you action that you never would have believed you could do. My Spirit and presence are not just to make you feel good inside, although you will. They are not just to affect your own body and soul, although they will. But they are given to you, and are planted in you, so that you will be in reality an extension of Me to the world. I have many people in the world who have not yet even heard of Me, and many who are Mine who have not yet turned to Me but as you make proper use of this drink of My Spirit and presence, you will be one who reveals to them the reality of My Son, His death and resurrection, and its purpose for them and for Me. Through you will work many miracles, and many will be healed and set free from the enemy. Many will turn with tears to Me, asking forgiveness for their sins. Many will have their cold hearts set aflame for My kingdom. Many will then themselves go and reveal Me to others. This will not be a slow process; it will be a rapid one. I desire to fill My house, and call My people home. Time is near the end, and I am taking out all the stops. No more will you be allowed to take your time in following My commands. No more will you operate in a half-hearted faith that sees small results. Prepare yourself for the BIG TIME, children. Prepare yourself by drinking deeply of My cup. Drink as deeply as you can. Let your thirst be satisfied and then grow again, and keep the cycle going. You may notice that I did not mention repentance so far. I do not have to. Those of you who are truly thirsty for me, TRULY THIRSTY, will HAVE repentant hearts. It is a part of that thirst. Thirst for Me causes you to see the lack in your life without all of me. It causes you to thirst even more for Me, for I AM THE ONLY ONE who can forgive sin and make your life a mirror of Myself. Open yourself to that thirst. Do not be afraid of it. It is a good thing! I give you My word that anyone who truly thirst for Me, the true and living God will be completely satisfied. Drink deeply of My never-ending cup. I am holding it out to you right now. Receive it and drink. Don’t sip, GUZZLE IT! And remember that I LOVE YOU!

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