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Re: God's love

Post by AllaBarsoukova » Mon Sep 14, 2015 12:21 am

Here is a beautiful mediumship session that, to me, illustrates quite clearly that that excerpt could not have come from Jesus, his teaching being that our spirit body, just like the material one, can't be compared to the Soul, and plays no role in the reception of the Divine Love. It means that the spirit is only masquerading as Jesus, as he has no understanding of the Soul.

Anto Klobucar 20140604 Jesus Speaks to Phillipa


(esp.1:04:00 and 1:07:10)

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Re: God's love

Post by Nicky » Mon Sep 21, 2015 10:08 pm

Hi everyone

As a result of the latest amendments to the terms of use, I have now decided to lock this thread as the posted content by Budi is actually in conflict to the teachings of Divine Truth.

You can view these changes here:


As I mentioned in my last post on this thread, channeled messages post 1963 cannot be relied upon for accuracy as they actually come from a group of dark spirits masquerading as "angels of light" in order to try to gain feelings of power over people on earth. The dark spirits use "Divine Truth Terminology" to convince these people that they are right.

Due to the condition and addictions of the mediums on earth who have received these messages, they cannot feel and see the truth of the condition of the dark spirits around them who have fed them this false information.

Thanks guys



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