A Poem - Faith

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A Poem - Faith

Post by Nicky » Tue Oct 25, 2016 6:03 pm

So, my first time writing a poem, where do I begin?
The structure, words and rhyme, so much for me to reel in
But I thought screw it, may as well give it a shot
And explore a part of me that I painfully forgot

I never knew what I wanted to do with my life
Until I came across Divine Truth, my defribilator, it brought me back to life
Such beautiful principles, love truth and humility
So much more to life that I never thought I'd be able to see
Taught by my dearest brother and sister, Jesus & Mary
With such patience, compassion & integrity

I never knew where my journey would take me
I got angry, scared and cried many tears and learnt to let it just be
Every step of the way, I learned to trust our Heavenly Father
Along with an amazing friend who I couldn't even see
To guide me through the darkness and nothingness
That seemed to constantly surround and consume me

I began to long for a love that I trusted was available
The love of a Heavenly Father which brought me to my knees
And when I felt it, I just knew I wanted to help others believe
A love so pure and gentle that not only filled my cup
But poured over, it was so generous and kind I could not keep up

Every time I asked myself is this is even possible? Can it be?
And each and every time, he proved it whilst smiling down upon me
He was teaching me about a little thing called faith
A quality, the size of a mustard seed? No
Much bigger than that, just something that helped me relate

A wise man was once asked "What is the greatest thing in all the world?"
To which he replied "faith and prayer on the part of mortals, and Love, the Divine Love on the part of God"
So incredibly succinct and pregnant with meaning
Yes, a faith that I am now beginning to see
But not with my eyes, but because of the love of our father which I have gratefully received in my heart
Way down, deep inside of me

The path is narrow with many a trapdoor
But I will keep my course,walking on ahead, straight and true
My focus holden on a Heavenly father's love
Which I know will lead me to pastures green and new
Now is not the time to take my rest, there is lots of work ahead
And as long as my heart is beating, I'll always be giving it my very best

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Re: A Poem - Faith

Post by Perry » Wed Oct 26, 2016 3:44 pm

Made me smile lots- (and teary)

Thank you so much Nicky for 'giving it a shot' - you inspire me greatly to keep on trying

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