Big Thanks to Eloisa & Lena

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Big Thanks to Eloisa & Lena

Post by julie_bennion » Thu Jan 28, 2016 8:15 pm

Dear Eloisa & Lena ~
I am so grateful that you two have joined Nicky in helping all of us!, through your desire to live God's Way of Love. Thank You for reminding & lovingly elbowing us ;) when you feel there are projections, addictions, denials & demands showing up in our communication with each other.

With each reminder I get, that I'm not coming from a pure place of love, I feel now "What A Gift It Is!" to see & feel what is true inside. Sometimes I also feel disheartened, for sure. Yet, I notice this feeling moves along too, when I honestly feel through it, just like all the other emotions! They continually come & go, come & go... and then, it is up to me to see about including God, to open myself to feeling her loving care, understanding, and desire to help me learn How To Love as S/HE does.

I just want you to know how I appreciate your humility, your time, your generous care as you share yourselves with all of us, helping us along the way.

Thank You!!,

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Re: Big Thanks to Eloisa & Lena

Post by Matt Mondragon » Mon Feb 01, 2016 1:11 am

So funny, I was just thinking about this topic! I've been keeping up with all the maintenance you three have been providing, Nicky, Lena and Eloisa. What time you all have spent on keeping this place cool! You guys have really been dishing it out and I feel honored to be a part of this super-regulated community.

Thank you all for being transparent about your own conditions, also. It's very inspiring to witness such diligence on this path.

Much respect, adoration and love.


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