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Big Thank You!

Post by Bex » Wed Jan 13, 2016 10:23 am

Hi Jesus and Mary
Thank you so so much for your recent videos and all you have been doing. I was getting ready for my day this morning listening to "new age philosophies and Gods truth2" and kept chuckling to myself especially during the Abraham Hicks explanation. During my most desperate time (just before Perry sent me a Divine truth video - Thank you Perry !) I remember listening to Abraham Hicks and chanting "I am in the vortex and I am happy" and i was so miserable I thought this cant be right! haha ..... I thank all of you for providing information that genuinely works. Though I do not know in my heart of hearts yet if it is all true, every single thing I have put into practice turns out to be true!
I am coming out to the first assistance group and just cant wait to thank you in person from my heart as words never do justice.

Thank you Nicky, Lena, Mary, Jesus and Eloisa for moderating the site I know it takes up a lot of your time and it is turning out to be such an amazing platform. The question from Courtney that Jesus and Mary answered is already helping me and I know she was inspired to write and ask based on the fact people had had questions answered from the forum :)

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