Thank you Jesus, thank you Mary, thank you Lena & Igor

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Thank you Jesus, thank you Mary, thank you Lena & Igor

Post by Marjorie » Sun Jan 03, 2016 11:28 am

I just finished listening to a short informal talk between Mary and Jesus and I am filled with gratitude for the fact that such a snippet of conversation was shared online.
No video, a simple and short audio where Lena and Igor kept on rolling. Wow. Thank you.
I am really grateful for the way Jesus kept on clarifying what he meant and grateful for Mary's transparency.
Thank you for sharing of this conversation.
Really, thank you !

Marjorie ... ssions.mp3

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Re: Thank you Jesus, thank you Mary, thank you Lena & Igor

Post by julie_bennion » Wed Jan 13, 2016 12:16 am

Yes, thank you Marjorie for posting, and to Mary & Jesus for sharing this conversation, reminding us, again & again, what it takes to develop in love for ourselves, towards each other, for God, and in order to receive God's Love. Firstly, I have to address all my addictions that cover-over all the fear & resistance I have, to what lies beneath... in this case, feeling unworthy.
I've heard Jesus say, a handful of times now, this is a big problem on the earth today. I feel how true this is. How no one stands alone in experiencing this injury. I am eternally blessed to be learning this crucial lesson from MaJes :D ~ it's up to me to be humble to this damaged & damaging emotion, and in truthfully feeling through it, to ask God to replace my faulty opinions of myself with Her feelings, her Love, her desire to see me be me, for real!

Warm Thanks & a hug, if I may... if I could, i Would, bear~hug you today!

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