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A Survey (On Health Insurance) and A Sharing, Weloming Assistance

Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2016 4:27 pm
by Natalie
Hi everyone,

may I make a little survey here? I would have two questions:

Do you pay health insurance? Is it obligatory in your country?

Here in Slovakia it is. And so I am registered in a labour office just in order for the government to pay it for me. Being in a labour office is not very truthful for me - I do not have a big desire to be employed, I wish to be free, probably go wwoofing and do such things. So I think about unregistering from the labour office, and then ignoring the health insurance (in the past I asked the insurance company if I can unregister there and they told me that only if I prove them then that I have an insurance in another country. That is an unlovng trap.)
And so I consider just ingnoring it and not paying - I don´t need it and also don´t want to contribute to the system that is based on fear. However, I am afraid to do it, I might have trouble with execution then.