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Post by Mianoel » Fri Apr 29, 2016 9:40 am


What does encroachment actually feel like?

I think i might have had issues with that long ago and then i completely blocked it off by wishing i would be in the other role in a relationship.

Now i want to investigate this feeling, that is so far locked away. Is there guilt? Obligation? I read a sentence in a book sayig it's the fear of loosing ones own individuality, or merging into an other, but what does that feel like exactly? What's the dynamic?

Also does feeling encroached in a adult relationship feel the same as when feeling encroached as a child by our parents or does it only start feeling this yucky when there is a sexual component involved (after puberty)

What does encroachment feel like as a child?

What does the act of encroaching a child feel like to the adult when the adult is doing it?

I have read all the books AJ and Mary have recommended about emotional incest, but i was wondering if anyone with some insights into their own experience of feelings of encroachment could share more about t the actual feeling, as a can't find much on internet. To help me reconnect with those blocked off feelings myself.

Thanks a million


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Re: Encroachment

Post by David R » Sun May 22, 2016 2:54 am

Hi Mia :)

In my humble experience on this path, if there is an emotion you do not wish to experience - you may want to develop a sincere will to explore the reasons you purposefully exercise your will to not feel that emotion. After allowing yourself to work through those blockages, you may have an easier time feeling those deeper emotions which you mentioned. I found it helpful to look at the blocks around my feelings rather than judge myself or get stuck <3

Hope this helps!

Lots of love


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