Relaxing into myself

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Re: Relaxing into myself

Post by Lena » Sun Feb 07, 2016 7:26 am

Hi guys,

I came across this thread a few times and have decided to share about using tools.

While I agree it's great to experiment with whatever exercise and stretch etc... And of course it is great to take a good care of your body.
However it is very easy to slip into addiction with some of the things you guys have been suggesting to each other.
Please be aware that what I am commenting on is fully depending on your intention. And we all can have different degrees of purity and addictions in our intentions.

I agree our body is a very personalised "tool" loaded with pains and issues that are law of attraction personalised by our soul to our soul to notice it and have an opportunity to work with.

However I would be very cautious to not get hang up on the techniques or tools as crutches. As that is all that they are.

And while we use a crutch, we will not be able to feel and experience the emotion to its fullest, as there is a reason why we needed a tool and our will is still working against engaging wholeheartedly without a tool.

The causal reasons are emotional, emotions are locked within our soul, so are the blocks, and body is only reflecting the issues within the soul.
I have heard from the channelings with natural love spirits, that they can spend years "patching up" people's physical and spirit bodies, as an ongoing thing, as the issues always come back if not dealt in the soul of that person.

There is definitely a fine line between the two things I am talking about. And I would just like to suggest to you to always keep an eye to why you are wanting to use tools what you are trying to achieve etc....


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