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Meeting Jesus and Mary in person for anyone wondering what its like.

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2016 7:11 am
by Bex

I am just back from a short trip to Australia (such a cool country, gosh I miss the sun) and having met Jesus and Mary for the first time. I have yet to find the right words and right ways to do justice to how much I learnt out there and how truly kind these guys are. I just wanted to, for a moment, say at least something (though again no words can I find to fit the kindness I felt from them) for anyone who may be reading or browsing this forum having never met them and wondering what they are actually like in person. Well, I went out there not really knowing what to expect, an average 30 year old from the UK along with my best friend from school and my boyfriend and I can honestly tell you that everything that the media says about these guys is simply just categorically not true. They are both the most giving, humble, SO DOWN TO EARTH, kind and forgiving people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. All I want to do after meeting them is learn to become a better more loving person (I have a lonnnng way to go) and from the people I met who do spend more time around Jesus and Mary they were also some of the most kind, gentle, unjudgemental and forgiving people I have come across too. I saw real connections and true friendships filled with love and care between them and their friends and now I am hungry for true connections with my brothers and sisters and partner instead of skimming the surface and not being open with my pain or who I truly am, or in my case even being honest that Im not yet sure who I am.

The honesty I saw spoken between Jesus and Mary to others and myself I initially found hard and uncomfortable. I was told some hard stuff about myself which I will blog about as I want to share what I learned once I have digested it all a bit better. It was foreign and I yearned for fake talk about how great we think each other are but as the days passed I started to really see and feel the love in the honesty and how fake chat simply gets us nowhere. As Jesus said truth and love are married and I saw them truly practice what they preach (though I have to really try and convey they dont preach anythinggggg they just state truths they have learnt from god that have helped them grow in love and happiness and they dont care who listens or not. They have ZERO desire to be lauded or hailed, in fact the impression I get is that they would just love it if they could teach this stuff as its their passion and not ever be looked upon as anything other than equal to anybody else.)
As I puzzled together the pieces from my life I realised that everything they said about me (long story short that I was brought up very entitled and now feel superior over men and want to dominate them and have superiority over women) was in fact true and the more I felt about it, as hard and painful as it was, the more I felt a tiny space come in for more love instead of hardened rigid anger and fear. It felt like a relief that I am in fact even allowed to love my brothers (having been brought up with the concept "that men are all bastards") and I realised that the blunt deliverance of truth from Jesus was the quickest way for me to feel the weight of my wrongs and therefore the quickest way I could learn to love better and be happier. We all, myself very much included, shirk away from Jesus' truths but I realised he is doing it in the way that will ultimately lead to our happiness the quickest - what a dude! God wont dilute truths as that would be diluting love so of course Jesus is trying to show us these lessons. I left the 2 weeks loving my boyfriend more and feeling relieved to have loosened my hardened tightened jaws of anger a tiny touch. These guys simply could not know all that they told me about myself if they couldn't TRULY feel what was coming out from my soul, so logically all that they teach regarding the soul for me now feels very true and every single thing I experiment with that they teach works 100%. They told my best friend things about her mum that I know to be true and she knows to be true, yet she had never before spoke to either Jesus or Mary before. So unless they are actually feeling the injuries and what is coming from our souls it would be impossible for such knowledge in Jesus and Mary to exist. Logically for me if they can feel our souls (and as I started experimenting I could feel more of what was coming from mine) then everything Jesus was teaching about the souls being in a soul universe feels true to me. If he knows all of this mind boggling information about how universes are constructed (wait till the new AG vids come out you will love them Im sure) this is a man worth listening to regardless of who you believe him to be or not. Jesus was talking of how he is soon going to be proving the mathematical formulas for many of the universal laws hes talked about and I think when he does that lots of the worlds ears will prick up. Now I have learnt that the fastest way to redemption and transformation is by sincerely desiring to receive love from God I am definitely going to be trying that out more! knowing this simple but astounding truth is such a huge indescribable gift.

I greeted both Jesus and Mary with anger, superiority, arrogance and judgement and left the 2 weeks feeling the true arrow shot into my heart of compassion, love and forgiveness from them both. I could say a million things about my experience and in time I will as it was so humbling and life changing but for now I just wanted to say that the only feelings I got from them was one of wanting everyone they meet to become happier, to learn more about love, to grow closer to their partner and really actually love their brothers and sisters and most importantly to learn that we have the opportunity just now to connect to God and therefore actually receive some of Gods love. They want to see people actually living life with joy and love and in their passions rather than for all of us to keep spreading the fear, hate and pain that spreads our earth just now. What they teach literally provides the answers to how we can do that, it is such an incredible gift that I cant wrap my head around how lucky we are to be on earth while so much of this information is being shared by them. I just strongly feel we must start trying to open our hearts to the possibility of the enormity of this gift and not keep slinking away from it as an excuse to abdacate self responsibility as I have been doing. No matter what now I will tell people that I have met Jesus and Mary and whilst I still will fumble, flounder, get scared and stutter I want to start and if we can all start doing it together - wow can you imagine the impact we could all have to help others hear this information!
Im starting to think - "who am I to get to listen to suchhhh beautiful truths in my bed late at night on youtube and then feel some relief from my pain after crying and putting into practice bits Ive learnt and yet simultaneously go out into the world, see my brothers and sisters in just as much pain and yet not at least offer them the same remedy for their soul that I have found myself?" They can choose not to listen to a word I say but surely I should step up now and at least offer the information that is helping my life in such indescribable and awesome ways. Can I really let my own fear keep me being that selfish? I dont want to.

Sorry I have gone a bit off topic ah!
From what I saw first hand Jesus and Mary relentlessly give, teach and share truths that they have learnt over 2000 years and it is the most fascinating and beautiful information I have ever heard. I wish I had learnt about these truths of God and how the universe works at school instead of memorising dates of bloodshed and war, even though Ive forgotten all those dates hmmm.
People accuse them of doing this for money but they really truly do not charge a penny for anything ever. What incentive could they logically have for endlessly preparing hours and hours worth of incredible material other than

Heres a short video I came across of Jesus saying how if just ten people tell ten people about Divine Truth how quickly it can spread

Thank you Jesus and Mary, Lena and Igor, Pete and Eloisa, Corny, Bruce and Kel and Nicky for inspiring me deep, deep down
Love Becks

Re: Meeting Jesus and Mary in person for anyone wondering what its like.

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2016 2:28 pm
by Bex
Just to clarify I dont mean "I have learnt the fastest way to redemption is by sincerely desiring to receive love from God" I meant I have now heard Jesus teach that so now want to try out this experiment more, in no way do I know anything at all yet regarding Gods love and in no way have I learnt any of it in my heart yet! I Only know so far that Jesus and Mary are really really great people!

Just to add on a big thank you to Courtney, Anna and Tristan. Tristan is one of the most generous and kind people I have ever met.

Re: Meeting Jesus and Mary in person for anyone wondering what its like.

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2016 2:30 pm
by Bex
and by "offer a remedy" all I mean is tell people about Divine Truth and the website etc and about Jesus and Mary rather than hide the fact that I listen to it at all.

Re: Meeting Jesus and Mary in person for anyone wondering what its like.

Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2017 7:35 pm
by LizziM
Thank you for sharing your experience, Bex.

I have been listening to DT for two and a half years without having met or interacted with Jesus and Mary or anyone else in the community. It has been just me, and for the past half a year or so, my partner, whom I introduced to Divine Truth.

So it strikes me as very powerful that your soul made that happen, flew across the planet and got the love and healing so directly into your immediate experience! When you asked, "who am I to get this," my inner response was that you must be a bold, courageous and strongly willed person who will keep moving forward living an awesome life! Your ability to receive correction and humbly take in other perspectives is proof of that. I hope you keep going with it. Knowing people like you are out there energizes my own walk.

Wishing you good luck on your journey!